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Books may be purchased in bulk at special discounts for sales pro¬motion, corporate gifts, fund-raising, or educational purposes. Special editions can also be created to specifications. For details, contact the Special Sales Department, Allworth Press, 307 West 36th Street, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10018 or


PerriTales on NUNU Radio.

NUNU Radio is the brilliant brainchild of Fredric Michaels and Patricia Fields that was created as an innovative outlet for creative expression during the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic. NUNU features Talk Shows, Music, Poetry, Radio Dramas, History Lessons and more. Perri Tales shares original stories and explores current events every Thursday @ 7pm and repeats every Sunday @ 1pm


Feature film documentary on the historic 2005 march from NYC to Wash DC was written and narrated by Perri. Whore Cow is an original short film (28 mins) about the sins of the parents passing down to the children.

Book Synopses


This book presents an inside view of one of the music industry’s most essential and misunderstood jobs – management. Today’s pop music encompasses many genres – rock, rap, country, jazz, R&B, folk, Latin, reggae, gospel and more – and the need for knowledgeable and honest managers has never been greater.


This book shares information not readily available to the general public. This information is derived from current industry rulebooks, union websites, the authors’ first-hand knowledge, Broadway professionals, and common practice.

1st Generation

1977-1980, Ron Bunn, gives birth to his first Routes baby and she was a Beauty! About the size of an Ebony Magazine, every month Routes would adorn her face with a colorful image that celebrated some African American artist(s) or achievement.

2nd Generation

1990-1994 Ron Bunn gave birth to his second Routes baby. Decidedly smaller and less flamboyant than his sister, Routes 2 featured images in black and white and was about the size of Jet Magazine. But he made weekly appearances, then bi-weekly sojourns before retiring four years later.

3rd Generation

2014- Ron Bunn becomes our official Courier of Culture with the birth of his third Routes baby as an online publication. Larger at birth than either of her siblings, she brings them back nestled within her long archival arms. She grows exponentially everyday and offers colorful pictures, videos and links.

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“JOSEPHINE," "HARRIET," "SOJOURNER," "JUST ME," and “… ALICE” are ideal for Special Events including: Fundraisers, Grade School Assemblies (ages 10 and up); College Presentations; Church Presentations; Women’s Groups of all kinds including sororities, religious, cultural and social. I have a technical director for the sound/video requirements that are integral to some productions. I also conduct empowerment seminars that include excerpts from “…. Alice,” "JUST ME," and “Josephine” but have no technical requirements.

For more information or to book a presentation/seminar, please contact me via email or phone. Make sure to include: date(s), venue, audience size, and budget.